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I use ExpressVPN on my mobile devices as well as my home computer. Using ExpressVPN gives me the peace of mind of knowing I’m safe from prying eyes or ears. The ExpressVPN apps are easy to use and effective. I have no issues with Geo-blocking, I particularly like their no-logging policy. The speed is also impressive. I highly recommend ExpressVPN.

Everything is very easy to set up and manage – from knowing that you’re connected to when you’re disconnected. It has a built in kill switch and recommended connections. Highly recommend for people who want an easy set up.

The company provides , including OpenVPN (UDP and TCP), L2TP/IPsec, SSTP, and PPTP. IKEv2 is not supported, but I usually prefer OpenVPN for a stronger connection anyway.

They also have a plethora of servers – not that we’re counting – and that’s nothing to scoff at. To boot, included with the price of their VPN service is SmartDNS, which gives you access to their MediaStreamer. This enables you to watch Netflix on virtually any platform that you may have, so that you aren’t limited to watching your favorite Netflix documentary series on your computer.

One of the the great selling points of ExpressVPN is the huge number of servers available. These are spread over a whopping 94 countries, all with a strong 256-bit encryption. In the USA alone they have more servers than any other VPN we tested. This allows for much more precise geolocation options than most other providers, and can likely give you access to local services straight from your area, while at the same time providing complete anonymity. The speeds are constantly high and reliable also, earning them their name.

A single ExpressVPN account will allow you to It should be noted that three is a rather small number compared to what other VPNs on the market are offering these days, and if you’re looking for a VPN that can secure your entire family or several employees in your small business, this can be quite inconvenient.

unblocks more than 500 TV channels that are geo-restricted, Vpn proxy south africa including cable networks in the U.S.

It’s quite possible that This, combined with its spectacular unblocking capabilities, definitely makes it my first choice when it comes to streaming.

Express VPN has allowed me to be able to conduct business anywhere in the world without having to worry about an invasion of private documents and information. In the past, public WiFi would stop my business cold, but not anymore. I recommend Express VPN for any business owner who need privacy to conduct their online business anywhere and at any time.

Secure and easy to use on all devices. Had some issues a few months ago with connectivity dropping and not reconnecting but has been much better since the update. Would love Vpn proxy south africa to see an easy to use application for PlayStation. Highly recommend!

While there are a couple of other VPNs that may be comparable to ExpressVPN in terms of speed, including a high level of encryption that doesn’t slow it down one bit.

I went looking online for a VPN that would suit my needs. I wanted a VPN that worked well, was affordable and had a simple user Vpn proxy south africa interface. Enter EXPRESS VPN. I have been a happy customer of Express VPN for over a year now and it has been crucial in maintaining my online privacy and safety as well as affording many advantages when it comes to using other programs. Not a bad thing to say about what is truly a great program.

In fact, ExpressVPN advocates for digital freedom and privacy, stating on the company website that And Vpn proxy south africa it’s not all talk, either. The company goes on to state that it financially supports several non-profit digital privacy advocacy groups. As a firm believer in online privacy myself, I’m happy to support a company with that kind of philosophy.

This is partly due to ExpressVPN’s immense global network, with (and almost 150 locations, meaning that you can connect to servers in different cities within many of those countries). However, while you can find a wide variety of servers in the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Australasia, the meager selection in the Middle East and Africa still leaves room for improvement.