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Be aware that not every server will work – it’s best to contact the provider’s customer assistance to go see which servers are working on a particular date. , for example, has been one of the leading providers to stay one step ahead of the Netflix VPN ban.

certainly supports Netflix in the US, and a representative of the company assured us that it should work with all countries. This provider offers excellent speeds, particularly when it comes to download rates, which is obviously great for streaming.

And then you have to deal with local broadcasting rights, where some countries may have the rights to some shows and therefore don’t permit them to be accessed on Netflix. House of Cards in Hong Kong is a great example—because a local TV network has the rights to the Netflix show, it’s not available online.

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If you’ve ever tried to watch something on Netflix while away from your domestic country, you’ll probably already understand one of the reasons why the route to watching has become so popular. A VPN’s ability to unblock geo-restricted access has made it an essential bit of software if you’re planning a holiday or business trip and want full access to the usual shows and films on Netflix.

Talking of support, some VPN providers leave you on your own to try every possible server until you find something which works, but not ExpressVPN. If you ever have any problems, open a live chat session on the support site, ask the agent which servers are best for Netflix, and in our experience they’ll immediately point you in the right direction.

It’s Express’s great speeds that enable it to stream in HD and ability to unblock Netflix across an impressive array of devices that make it our number one pick. currently supports Netflix in the US, UK and Canada. Also, customer support assures us that generally speaking, it should work for many countries besides.

Netflix has been systematically finding and blacklisting suspected VPN IP addresses. And while the past few years have been an ongoing battle between VPNs and Netflix restrictions, VPNs are now setting up specific server locations intended to be used with Netflix.

And efforts on the security front are also commendable, with multiple protocols supported including OpenVPN, L2TP/IPsec, PPTP and Chameleon (VyprVPN’s own tailored solution). There’s a NAT Firewall for additional security, too. Privacy-wise, there was some session logging, but as of late November 2018, the provider became a No-Log VPN, which means no data is logged or shared, including session logs.

The company (along with a handful of other VPN providers) has been working overtime to acquire new IP addresses, which they can then cycle out whenever an older address is no longer working. As soon as Netflix detects and subsequently blocks a specific IP, the VPN then switches to another IP and encourages customers to use that specific location to stream.

Bear in mind, though, that accessing content which shouldn’t be available in your region is something doesn’t want you to do. Indeed, it is expressly forbidden in Netflix’s terms and conditions of usage, and there’s a constant battle between the streaming url solution and VPNs which are circumventing its restrictions. Naturally, you travel down the avenue of VPN content unblocking entirely at your own risk…

While some VPNs take a vague “maybe it’ll work, maybe it won’t” to website unblocking, VyprVPN does its best to help out with detailed guides for accessing Netflix (and many other services). And it works, too, with the service giving us access to US Netflix from every server we tried. There is a free 3-day trial if you want to test the provider, and that’s useful since there are site no refunds given under any circumstances.

Privacy and security are important whatever you’re using a VPN for, of course, with a ‘no logs’ policy and good encryption being definite must-haves. Support for mobile devices, and hopefully native clients for iOS/Android, will obviously be handy for watching flicks on the move.

Netflix has invested big bucks in detecting and blocking VPNs, and users can attest that servers that work with Netflix one day may not work the next. You’ve likely seen url the infamous “Streaming Error” message if you tried to access Netflix from outside the U.S. with a VPN: