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Belize has also been the subject of news surrounding internet restrictions, including the government for a period of time. However, the use of VPNs is legal.

Polish citizens are legally allowed to use VPNs, although there are some questions about restrictions on general internet use. Until recently, there was little censorship or monitoring. However, the government can closely monitor online activity, causing backlash from citizens and human rights groups.

VPNs can be legally used in Grenada, although its citizens have been subjected to restrictions when it comes to online activities. For example, a now defunct law meant that people for insulting someone online.

While VPNs are url legal in Montenegro, the country does , including blocking messenger application WhatsApp during an election.

The Tongan government has passed it to censor the internet by blocking websites. Nonetheless, the use VPNs here is legal.

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Mongolia is known site for its widespread internet censorship including that are banned. Even so, the use of VPNs here is legal.

The government of Sri Lanka has in the past, and has also blocked certain websites. That being said, VPN usage here is legal.

Belarus’ is one of few governments that has tried to crack down on the use of VPNs. In fact the country has banned any technology that anonymizes internet usage. While they’re not exactly illegal, VPNs along with Tor have been late 2016. Even though it’s frowned upon, VPN use still remains popular in the country.

Gambia has been known to restrict internet access, . However, the use of VPNs here is legal.

VPNs are legal in the USA, although the country does have a history of online controversy. While the government doesn’t actively censor internet usage, there have been many leaked reports regarding online surveillance regarding the NSA, FBI, et al. More recently, the , with California’s laws being the most protective of its residents.

Perhaps surprisingly, the use of VPNs in Syria is legal. The country does, however, see widespread censorship, including that of the internet. Online activities have by the government, which has also imposed blocks on various websites.

The Turkish government heavily censors the internet, .

When it comes to internet usage, the citizens of Chad are monitored and restricted by their government. The monitoring becomes particularly prevalent during elections and have been reported. VPN usage is, however, legal.