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For the MAG Series Appliances, the ICE licenses are available in two forms: full ICE (which allows bursting to the full capacity of the MAG Series Appliances); and a 25% burst license (which allows bursting of up to 25% of the installed license count on any given MAG Series Appliances). For example, if the customer has a MAG6610 with a 1,000 user license, the 25% burst license option will support an additional 250 users during an unplanned event. Likewise, for the Pulse PSA Series Appliances, only the full ICE licenses are available.

CONSEC licenses provide SSL VPN functionality that allows users to access the network. They fully meet the needs of both basic and complex deployments with diverse audiences and use cases, and they require little or no client software, server changes, DMZ buildouts, or software agent deployments. For administrative ease of managing license counts, each user license enables as many concurrent sessions as specified in the license and they are additive. For example, if a 100 user license was originally purchased and the concurrent user session count grows over the next year to exceed that amount, simply adding another 100 user license to the system will now allow for up to 200 concurrent users sessions.

The digital world continues to create workforce productivity beyond BYOD. More enterprises are combining apps and data that were traditionally delivered privately on premises with a variety of 3rd party, cloud hosted service offerings, whether it be cloud based storage, SaaS applications or IaaS platforms. This evolution of combining and managing private and public IT architectural worlds is Hybrid IT. Learn how to embrace Hybrid IT with Pulse Cloud Secure and have the capabilities to blend cloud and datacenter access into a seamless user experience for your next generation workforce.

Pulse Connect Secure is the most widely deployed SSL VPN for organizations of any size, across every major industry. Pulse Connect Secure includes Pulse Secure Clients and the AppConnect SDK. Pulse Clients are dynamic, multiservice network client for mobile and personal computing devices. Pulse Clients are simply deployed, enabling users to quickly “click and connect” from any device, anywhere. Pulse Secure AppConnect SDK delivers per application SSL VPN connectivity for iOS and Android clients, enabling IT to create an even more transparent and secure mobile app experience for their users.

Clustering supports stateful peering and failover across LAN connection, so in the unlikely event that one unit fails, system configurations (such as authentication server, authorization groups, and bookmarks), user profile settings (such as user defined bookmarks and cookies), and user sessions are preserved. Failover is seamless, so there is no interruption to user/enterprise productivity, no need for users to log in again, and no downtime.

Enterprises and service providers site have the difficult challenge of providing location- and device-independent network connectivity that is secure and capable of controlling resource access for authorized users. Breaches and threats continue to spiral out of control, and increasing numbers of employees and users want to use their own personal productivity solutions from devices to cloud based applications. Making this challenge even more difficult. Pulse Secure Connect Secure provides secure, authenticated access for remote and mobile users from any web-enabled device to corporate resources—anytime, anywhere.

Pulse Clients securely connect users to networks, both datacenter and cloud. Wrapped in an extremely user-friendly package, Pulse Client dynamically enables the appropriate network and security services on users’ endpoints. Users are not distracted from their work activities to figure out what network they are on or what service to enable. With Pulse Secure, the connection just works, helping to deliver the productivity promised by mobile devices. Pulse Client delivers dynamic access control, seamlessly switching between remote (SSL VPN) and local (NAC) access control services on Microsoft Windows devices. Pulse Client also enables comprehensive endpoint assessment for mobile and desktop computing devices, and quarantine and remediation, if necessary.

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If you need to conduct electronic journal searches over the VPN client, please usewhen setting up the connecting address url in the instructions below.

to install automatically. You will not be asked for an administrator password and the software will be installed and url configured automatically.