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The full-screen ads displayed on launch regularly change the way they’re closed (an X button top-right here, a Close button there), so if you’re not paying attention, and tap where the close button was last time, there’s a chance you’ll open the ad.

Despite these hassles, we’ve seen much worse. Other apps might display pop-up ads when you disconnect or try to select a specific location, for instance. FlashVPN cycles ads on its main screen – and some of these are animated adverts – but there are few others, and overall the app is very usable.

We like that FlashVPN is free and unlimited, but we hate the lack of details and its demands to use some very important Android permissions. The app might be worth using for simple tasks, but we wouldn’t trust it with anything faintly confidential or important.

Unfortunately, professional review of the FlashVPN Free VPN Proxy app is not yet ready. This app is on the list and will be reviewed in the nearest feature. Meanwhile, you can find more from the official description below.

We launched the app to be confronted by a full-screen ad. Getting rid of that displayed the FlashVPN interface, which consists of an ad at the top of the screen, another at the bottom, and a small bar in the center with the caption “FlashVPN is ready to connect” and a Continue button.

Speeds were very inconsistent during our review, ranging from around 4Mbps to 12Mbps over a Wi-Fi connection (the free Touch VPN service regularly managed up to 15Mbps in Flashvpn free download for android the same environment). That’s more than enough for email, browsing and basic video streaming, though, and it’s possible you’ll see even higher speeds depending on your device and local network.

FlashVPN proved to be reasonably successful at site unblocking, with the app allowing us to access BBC iPlayer and US-only YouTube content while we were connected to one of its servers. Netflix realized we were using a VPN Flashvpn free download for android and refused to stream anything at all, but that’s not unusual, even for commercial VPNs.

Specialist VPN providers can use thousands of words to spell out the low-level details of their security technologies, protocol details, logging policies and more, but FlashVPN Free VPN Proxy doesn’t bother with any of that.

FlashVPN Free VPN Proxy asks for control over many network functions, much as you would expect for a VPN app: to view Wi-Fi connections, receive data from the internet, change network connectivity, and connect and disconnect from Wi-Fi.

Even worse, the app asks for permission to access your photos, media, files and storage, essentially allowing it to read and modify the contents of your storage. This doesn’t necessarily mean FlashVPN will behave maliciously, but it leaves that possibility open. As the developer has given us absolutely no reason to trust it, that has to be a concern.