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The main reason why you would go for HMA is due to the unbelievable diversity of their VPN server network. HMA has servers in over 190 countries, so if youare looking for a VPN server in Equatorial Guinea, Haiti, the Cook Islands, Lebanon, or other unusual locations, HideMyAss is the best option available. Even though HMA has a good software and fast serves, security is not a guaranteed feature. When people look for a VPN, the first thing they look out for is security, and not having that renders the VPN pretty much useless. So if you’re security conscious, you might want to check all of the alternatives we’ve mentioned above because HideMyAss is not the VPN for that kind of thing.

The fact that it is based in Britain means that HMA has little freedom with what it gets to do with users’ logs. They claim to provide you privacy when the irony is that you cannot trustthis service provider with yours.

If you haven’t heard of VPN services like Hola, Hotspot Shield, TigerVPN or Spotflux then be glad that you haven’t. VPNs as such are the worst thing that could happen to your privacy and security. Sure they sound very tempting for being free and all, but when you find out that they’re selling your personal Internet connection, you will immediately lose interest. Free doesn’t necessarily mean good, and that means you should stay away from free VPNs at all costs. Here’s a couple of reasons why:


The biggest strike against HMA ProVPN is data logging. Although they don’t log actual internet usage, they do keep time-stamped connection logs in a database for up to 6 months. So even if yourlocation is secure and private, someone with legal power could easily identify you.

While we’re sure HideMyAss tries their best to maintain their customers’ privacy, the fact that they’re based in the UK cannot be overlooked. Being known for having helped the FBI in capturing two cyber criminals doesn’t make customers feel good either. People mainly seek HideMyAss alternatives for privacy protection purposes, and here are some of its best replacements:

Being an ex hma user I know now that in VPN business server quantity is not even close to being equal to quality. I switched to little known Surfshark that my friend has learnt about on reddit. Their server list is way shorter that hma but the speed and stability is better than what I was used to. This even made me think that maybe small new providers are the key to having better VPN.