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Spotflux Lite offers a reliable VPN that works with all browsers, automatically encrypting your networkconnections made via SSL, hides your IP address and has no restrictions on speed or bandwidth. Spotflux also claims that it does not record or Anonymous vpn free 2016 collect any of your personal data.

VPN users will gain access to over 10 countries (although the paid-for version provides 50)and gain 10GB of data per month with the free service. Windscribe also offers three connection modes, which include UDP, TCP and Stealth via Stunnel for more restrictive areas.

It receives a 4.5 star rating on the Apple App Store from over 4,700 reviewers, and a still relatively high 3.7 stars on Chrome Web Store. The VPN counts over 80 million users worldwide, and offers the option of connecting to different servers all over the world, allowing you to select the country you would like your internet traffic to look like it’s coming from.

Governments, businesses, and hackers from all over the world can censor your favorite sites and apps, serve you targeted advertisements you don’t want, and steal your personal information without you knowing. Put a stop to it now with Hotspot Shield VPN.

Hotspot Shield not only gives you access to all your favorite content, but keeps you private and secure online as well with best-in-class military-grade Anonymous vpn free 2016 encryption to keep you safer and private while you’re connected. Get the best free VPN today: get your VPN proxy free download now.

allows users to browse the web securely and anonymously using its free VPN service. It is available on Windows, Android, Mac, iOS and Chrome.

Betternet feature a section on their website addressing how they make money, to assuage any user concerns about the selling of data. In addition to the premium service, the company claims to make moneyby offering free sponsored apps and videos which generate income for the service if people engage with them.

If you’d rather use a browser with a built-in VPN (that’s free) then the

Hotspot Shield VPN is the best free VPN app that provides private, secure access to all your favorite content wherever you are — whenever you’re connected to Public Wi-Fi at school, work, or abroad. The best free VPN allows you to connect to social networks, stream movies, TV shows, and sports, access news, dating sites, and video games anytime. Don’t wait: get your free VPN download today.

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Windscribe is also praised for its high privacy as everything is deleted within three minutes of the session ending and it does not keep logs. It can be downloaded on Windows, Mac, Linux, Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Android, iOSand Blackberry.

devices and500MB of free data. This is a straightforward free VPN that is easyto turn on and forget about, making browsing privately pretty simple.