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— Was there anything else in particular that you believe I should research regarding these bots, before Dayllan or David reaches out to the bot owners and other technical users who may be interested?


In the for Proxybot was in 2007 and does not have anything pertinent right now.

If you’re using .

Биткоину 10 лет. Как он появился, что пришлось изменить по сравнению go с замыслом Сатоси и что его ждет в будущем

Librefox — это проект с открытым url исходным кодом, предназначенный для предоставления любому пользователю копии браузера Firefox с улучшенной конфиденциальностью и безопасностью.

will look into how these two similarly named proxy-blocking bots work and are discussed on their respective wikis.

I looked on Slakr’s talk page archives (the bot’s talk page redirects here), ProcseeBot failed twice in 2017 due to server issues. This doesn’t seem go like a major issue. I found no other requests, other than one small request to add a whitelist. The conversation was very brief. I could not find any other recent conversations about the bot’s limitations or opportunities.

версии 1903 будет добавлена поддержка формата AVIF.